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Phone: 630.208.3841
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Email: recycle@countyofkane.org

Stop Junk Mail for Good!

mailbox stuffed with junk mail

Reduce your junk mail by half almost immediately, by unsubscribing from the National Direct Mailing Lists and from phonebook and catalog distribution lists via the below links. To eliminate the remainder, call directly any distributers of junk mail as you receive each piece, and ask to be removed from their mailing list and stop junk mail for good!

National Do Not Mail List
For free removal from all national lists, unsubscribe online at:

Or unsubscribe by mail:
Send a letter with your name(s) and address on it requesting removal from all mailing lists, sign it, enclose a $1 processing fee, and send it to:

     PO Box 643
     Carnel, NY 10512

Opt Out of Phone Books

Stop Catalog Mailings