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Waste & Recycling Haulers

Waste and Recycling Haulers Contact List

For residents within listed areas, these companies are currently under contract to serve your area. Other residents, in unincorporated areas, are free to contract for service with any of the licensed haulers on the list.

Licensed Haulers List 2013

Waste and Recycling haulers operating within Kane County are required by the Recycling & Hauler Licensing Ordinance to be licensed annually by the county. Haulers with only one truck are exempt from the fee. This is a list of licensed and exempted haulers and the number of vehicles operating in Kane County in 2013.

Kane County Recycling & Hauler Licensing Ordinance

Kane County Code, Chapter 11, Article 4.

Haulers: The ordinance requires that haulers operating in the county be licensed by the county and report annual weight data on all materials collected. It further requires haulers to provide recycling service to all clients served with trash service, including municipal residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-family residential accounts.

Commercial Businesses: The ordinance requires any commercial businesses, wherein commerce is conducted (both profit and not for profit, including, but not limited to, stores, markets, offices, restaurants, shopping centers, theaters, schools, churches, government offices, and manufacturing facilities) in Kane County to separate and recycle materials, and to arrange collection services for those materials by a licensed hauler as per above list.

Multi-family Dwellings: The ordinance requires that the managing body or owner of all apartments, condos, and like-dwellings provide recycling service along with trash service to the residents of that dwelling, and further requires the residents to comply by separating the recyclables from the trash and placing them in the correct receptacle.

Ordinance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs for Haulers
FAQs for Businesses