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There are two known web services that can be used to remove you from pretty much any and all direct mail marketing and advertising lists at little or no cost. Note that these services are generally more effective at preventing prospecting mail (i.e. junk mail from companies that want your business) than customer mail (i.e. junk mail you receive from a company you've bought from recently). 

The National Do Not Mail List​ is a free service run by directmail.com, which is itself a direct marketing company. Using the rationale that direct marketers waste money when they send materials to people who don't want it, the Do Not Mail List service can be used to opt out of one or multiple types of solicitation.

DMA Choice is run by the Association of National Advertisers, a non-profit trade group representing direct marketing and advertising companies. For a registration cost of $2, you can be placed on their registry of addresses not to solicit with direct mail for 10 years. Kane County's Recycling Coordinator can attest to a noticeable decrease in junk mail after signing up.​

PaperKarma is a smartphone app available for iOS and Android. Users snap pictures of unwanted mail with their phone or tablet camera. The app matches the item to its sender and then gives the option to unsubscribe/delist from mailings. It is free to download with a free trial period and a monthly or annual subscription thereafter (in 2022, subscription costs are $3.99/month or $24.99/year).

Product-Specific Solutions

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Stop Credit Card Offers

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