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A-Z List of Hard-to-Recycle Materials that CAN BE Recycled in Kane County

This list is a helpful guide to the many things you can either reuse or recycle, in addition to the curbside recycling program.

Air Conditioners The Crusher, 651 W Washington St, West Chicago, IL 60185, 630-231-6888, 24/7 drop-off bin.

American Flags Ace Hardware, 901 W Wilson, Batavia, 630-879-1330 & VFW on 645 S River (Rt.25), Batavia, 630-879-9630 have drop-boxes for old flags.

Ammunition and Gunpowder Riverside Sports, 26 N. Bennett (Rt.25), Geneva, 630-232-7047 � call for hours.

Appliances See the Electronics page for small appliances. For large household appliances/white goods like washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and for any Freon-containing appliances like refrigerators, and air-conditioners � call your waste hauler.

Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) Please see the Batteries page.

Batteries (auto) Lead-acid batteries from autos, boats, sump pumps, may be taken to any store that sells them, as they are required to take the batteries they replace. There may be a small fee. Also see the Batteries page.

Bicycles See www.workingbikes.org or call 312-421-5048 for drop-offs in your area.

Books See info on the monthly Kane County Book and Electronics Collection Event.

Building supplies Habitat for Humanity ReStores in Aurora and Elgin. See the Building Material Reuse Page for locations & contacts.

Cars Contact nonprofit Wheels For Wishes. They tow away, auction off, and recycle old cars free of charge. Proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish Illinois.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors can be disposed of in the regular trash.

Carpet, Carpet padding Usable: ReStore in Elgin. See the Building Material Reuse page for address. Beyond Use: Midwest Recycling 630-543-6950 or PCI Flortech Inc 630-458-0760.

CDs, DVDs, Audio &Video Tapes, Floppy discs, CD cases, Cartridges (including cases) See the Electronics page.

Cell phones Batavia Public Library, 630-879-1393. Also see the Electronics page.

Chemicals, cleaners, fertilizers, pesticides See the Household Hazardous Waste page.

Clothing, linens, blankets, shoes can be taken to thrift stores or parking lot drop boxes. Thrift stores receive only reusable textiles. Drop boxes will take it all, even if they are worn or torn. Reusable clothes and shoes are sorted for reuse; damaged or worn textiles are turned into wiping rags or insulation blankets; beyond that the remains are sorted for use in fiber products. USAgain.com has several green-and-white drop boxes in Kane County.

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) Drop-boxes at most Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and other hardware stores. Deliver used CFLs in a resealable plastic bag. Also see the Fluorescent Lights page.

Computers and computer equipment See the Electronics page.

Cooking Oil Call Hopkins Grease Company 847-458-1010; they can connect you with local restaurants that have a grease dumpster. Or freeze it and put it in the trash on trash day.

Corks Wholefoods and Target, some locations. Also see www.recork.org to find restaurants with drop boxes.

Crayons SCARCE, www.scarceecoed.org, 630-545-9710.

Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers The Crusher, 651 W Washington St, West Chicago, IL 60185, 630-231-6888, 24/7 drop-off bin.

Electronics and Electric appliances See the Electronics page.

Eye glasses Batavia Public Library, 630-879-1393. SCARCE, www.scarceecoed.org, 630-545-9710. Lions Club Drop Boxes, www.lionsclubs.org, 630-571-5466.

Fire extinguishers If full (or empty): see the Household Hazardous Waste page. If empty: Aurora TriState Fire Protection 630-978-0600.

Fluorescent tube lights See the Fluorescent Lights page.

Furniture, and Household items ReStore in Elgin. See the Building Material Reuse page for address. Also Thrift stores.

Gardening plant pots, trays, tags Drop-off at all Lowes Gardening Centers.

Garden hoses are not recyclable. Unless reusable, they are trash.

Gasoline See the Household Hazardous Waste page. Hangers, clothes hangers Many dry cleaners will take these, check with your local cleaner.

Hazardous Waste See the Household Hazardous Waste page.

Hearing aids Batavia Public Library, 630-879-1393.

Inkjet cartridges/ Toner cartridges See the Electronics page.

Junk Mail Remove any plastic inserts &recycle the paper. See info on stopping junk mail on the Junk Mail page.

Landscape Waste See the Yard Waste page.

Latex paint See the Paint page.

Medications See the Household Hazardous Waste page, or the Pharmaceutical page.

Microwaves See the Electronics page.

Motor Oil See the Motor Oil page.

Needles See the Sharps/Syringes/Needles page.

Office, art and craft supplies SCARCE, www.scarceecoed.org, 630-545-9710.

Oil See the Motor Oil page or Cooking Oil above.

Packing peanuts Shipping and packing stores will reuse clean, bagged and unmixed foam peanuts. Contact the Peanut Hotline www.loosefillpackaging.com, 800-828-2214.

Paint Oil paint is HHW, the Household Hazardous Waste page. Latex paint is not hazardous, see the Paint page.

Pharmaceuticals See the Pharmaceutical page.

Phones See the Electronics page.

Phone Books Place in household recycling. To opt out, see the Junk mail page.

Plastic grocery bags and plastic film See the Plastic Bag page.

Propane gas tanks Full or empty: Country Gas (fee), 630-584-0138. Naperville HHW (free), see the Household Hazardous Waste page. Empty only: Fox Valley Iron & Metal, Aurora, 630-897-5907.

Refrigerators/ Large household Appliances Call your waste hauler for collection, and costs.

Or ComEd has a takeback program for working refrigerators and freezers, 888-806-2273. They pay you up to $50 and come get it.

Salt (Water softener salt) Please see disposal options at this link.

Sharps See the Sharps/Syringes/Needles page.

Shingles (Roofing) Advanced Recycling, Batavia, 630-879-3587.

Shoes Nike Shoe Store, 1650 Premium Outlets Blvd, Aurora, 630-585-9568. Also see: www.shoe4africa.org.

Smoke detectors Return used smoke alarm to supplier, address is usually listed in the product warranty or user's manual. First Alert Corp mail-in, 630-851-7330.

Software See the Electronics page.

Syringes See the Sharps/Syringes/Needles page.

Styrofoam, polystyrene, styrene Dart Container Corp, 310 Evergreen Dr., North Aurora, 630-896-4631, Recycle Drop-Off is open 24/7. Accepts: foam blocks, clean food containers. NO straws, cup lids, paper, or packing peanuts.

Sump Pumps The Crusher, 651 W Washington St, West Chicago, IL 60185, 630-231-6888.

Televisions See the Electronics page.

Textiles See Clothing, linens, blankets, shoes.

Tires See the Tire page.

X-rays Cardinal Recycling, 815-416-1499, www.cardinalrecycling.com/services.html.

Yard waste Collection programs are managed by towns and waste haulers. See section on Back Yard Composting on the Composting page and see the Yard Waste page for links to your city or village program.


Other resources:

Search www.earth911.com to find where to recycle nearly anything!

Use www.craigslist.org or www.freecycle.org to list unwanted items or to find great deals on used items