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Electronics Recycling

Holiday Light Strings

Old strands of Christmas or Holiday lights can be brought for recycling to the Kane County Monthly Collection Event or any of the Permanent Kane County Drop-off Locations listed under the Other Drop-offs link above. We do not accept artificial Christmas trees with lights in them (they are thrift store or trash unfortunately).

Be Resourceful - Recycle your Electronics instead of wasting them!

Worldwide, an estimated 20-50 million tons of electronic waste is generated annually, and the USEPA estimates that 85% of it ends up in landfills.

Electronics contain many valuable resources like metals, glass, and plastic that can be reclaimed, reused, and recycled! Recycling, rather than dumping these materials, uses far less energy than mining and refining raw metals (which include gold, cadmium, lead and silver) and reduces the amount of energy and other resources used in new product manufacturing. It just makes sense to recycle these materials.

Illinois recently expanded The Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act, banning 17 electronic items from landfills. This law has promoted growth in the recycling industry, making it possible to recycle nearly all household electronics. In Kane County you can recycle TVs, Computers, phones, and all items included in the list of legislated items, but you can also recycle almost anything else that has a plug on it!

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