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What is Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)?

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste (HHW) is a term that describes​ waste from the wide variety of chemical cleaners,​ pesticides, fertilizers, paints, auto fluids, and other toxic materials used in and around the home. The proper disposal of HHW is critical ​given the nearly universal use of these products, and their potential to cause harm to the environment if disposed of improperly. When buying these products, it is best to only buy in quantities that can be used in the relative short-term, instead of buying over-large containers that are likely to sit around. Buying in bulk is only cost-effective if the product is actually used!

How to Dispose of HHW Safely?​

​HHW should not be placed in your curbside trash or recycling. Doing so increases the risk of fires at facilities and increases risks to workers, generally increasing the cost of service for everybody. HHW should also never be dumped on land, into water, down storm sewers or drains, etc. Instead, there are two basic options for most homeowners: take the material somewhere that will take it for safe disposal or have it picked up from the house by a certified disposal company. 

For drop-off, residents of the southeastern portion of Kane County have relatively good access to the Naperville HHW Facilitywhich is one of only five permanent facilities state wide contracted between a municipality and IEPA. Kane County contributes financially to the ongoing operation of this facility. 

In recognition that Naperville is too far to travel from ​the northern half of the County on a regular basis, Kane County began a home collection program of HHW at no cost to eligible​​ residents. The program has since expanded to include some tri-cities area municipalities and townships that have opted to participate. Use the link above to see the list of eligible areas and/or to use our GIS tool to check address eligibility, and to find booking information. Service must be booked directly through the County's contractor.​

Additional Info​

​We have separate pages or links with additional information about:

Reduce use of hazardous material in the home

Make your own non-toxic household cleaners

Commercial or Industrial Hazardous Waste

The Naperville HHW Drop-off and the Home Collection Service programs are for residential waste only. Please contact one of the followi​ng Certified Hazardous Waste Companies that can serve both small and large ​quantity business generated hazardous materials:

Clean Harbors
800-645-8265 or 773-645-8265
HazChem​ Environmental
Heritage Environmental
R3 Environ​mental Managemen​​t 847-488-1492
SET Environmental 847-537-9221
Steri​cycle 877-927-8311
Veolia Environmental 312-552-2800
US Ecology​                            800-592-5489​