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​Grand V​icto​ria Riverboat Fund Program

​General Pro​gram Description

The Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund was established by the Kane County Board in 1997 under an agreement with the Elgin Riverboat Resort (Grand Victoria Riverboat). The agreement provides for an annual contribution to the county equal to 7.5% of the riverboat's annual net operating income. The Kane County Board utilizes Grand Victoria Riverboat funds to support a variety of projects and programs aimed at strengthening Kane County communities, promoting collaboration among area organizations, and providing long-term solutions to current problems facing Kane County residents.

Eligibility Criteria 
Kane County provides Grand Victoria Riverboat funds to non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations and units of local government for eligible projects that benefit Kane County residents. The county will not consider requests from the following types of entities: Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, handicap or national origin; political organizations, candidates for public office, or organizations whose primary purpose is to influence legislation; religious organizations that submit projects with a denominational or sectarian purpose; organizations benefiting only a few people; individuals; agencies not in good standing with state and federal authorities; and units of government that submit applications involving projects or services that would typically be funded from the taxing authority of the given entity. 

Capital projects are eligible for the Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund. Examples of capital projects are those that involve the purchase or development of facilities or infrastructure, or other fixed assets such as equipment, vehicles, or computer software. They do not include recurring, day-to-day expenses which are considered operating expenses. Applicants are discouraged from seeking funding from the county for operating expenses. All projects should address at least one of the following priorities: 

  • Education: Kane County seeks to promote or enhance educational and training programs and initiatives that address community and government improvement issues. 
  • Environment: Kane County encourages programs and projects that address a broad spectrum of environmental issues. 
  • Economic Development: Kane County supports initiatives that promote economic and community development. 

Projects that meet the broad eligibility criteria listed above should also address one or more of the following goals/strategies: 
  • Promote cooperation among organizations without duplicating services. 
  • Demonstrate practical approaches to current issues facing area residents. 
  • Enhance or improve the self-sufficiency and effectiveness of area organizations. 
  • Emphasize prevention. 

Additionally, favorable consideration will be given to projects that: 
  • Affect a broad segment of the county's population. 
  • Are relevant to overall county needs and available resources. 
  • Are pilot programs that are clearly replicable in their design. 
  • Have reasonable prospects for future support. 
  • Have brought together a wide variety of funding partners. 

Applicants may not receive more than $100,000 in Grand Victoria Riverboat funds per project.  

Note that Grand Victoria Riverboat funds may not be used to fund the following types of activities: Research; special occasions, goodwill, program advertising, and/or special interest magazines; travel, tours, expeditions, or trips by individuals or groups; deficit spending or the payment of interest or taxes; annual fund campaigns; underwriting for fundraising events or performances; loans; and projects outside Kane County. 

Project Review, Funding Agreements, and Time Limits

Kane County accepts applications for Grand Victoria Riverboat funds from eligible external applicants during an annual application cycle that typically begins in January and concludes in June or July.  All eligible proposals are reviewed by the County Board's Grand Victoria Riverboat Committee, which evaluates them in a competitive basis.  Projects recommended for funding by the committee are considered by the full County Board.  Following the board's decision, applicants selected for funding will be notified of the amount of their award and afforded a reasonable amount of time to obtain and submit documentation that funding for other sources are committed to their projects.  Capital projects may not begin until the county has verified that all project funding is in place and the project is ready to proceed.

Grant recipients must sign a Funding Agreement which outlines various reporting and recordkeeping requirements.  Periodic progress reports must be submitted during the course of the project.  Grand Victoria Riverboat funds may be requested while the project is underway to cover eligible project expenses. The Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund Program operates on a reimbursement basis, and all expenses must be properly documented with itemized receipts or vendor invoices, and accompanied by proof of payment. Finally, Grand Victoria Riverboat Fund projects are expected to be completed in a timely manner. Generally, non-construction projects must be completed within one year, and construction projects must be completed within two years.

2024 Grand Victoria Riverboat External Applications Now On-line

Grand Victoria Riverboat fund applications are now being accepted for external projects. All applications must be prepared and submitted using the County's web-based application portal, hosted by ZoomGrants (follow link below). All applications are due by midnight, Friday, May 17, 2024. Questions may be directed to Josh Beck, Assistant Director for Community Development at (630) 444-2960 or beckjosh@countyofkane.org.

Link to 2024 Application Portal


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