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​Solar in Kane County

Solar Statement 

Kane County’s Solar Statement expresses the County’s commitmen​t to becoming a more solar-friendly community.

Permitting and Planning, Zoning and Development Regulations 
To obtain a permit for a solar installation in unincorporated Kane County, applicants will need to submit the standard Building & Zoning Permit Application​ along with two attachments:
1. Solar Power Handout - Information Required for Permit Application
2. Required Submittals for Solar Panel Systems

Solar Resources for the Community

Resources for re​​siden​​ts: 

Solar Panels at Kane Judici​al Center

The 2 megawatt solar (2MW) field to will be ready October 13th at the Kane County Judicial Center in St. Charles Township. This will generate enough energy to save taxpayers $5 million over the next 25 years.
Solar Field JJC.jpg

This development will generate over 4.1 million kWh per year and 93 million kWh over the term of the contract. For reference, the average home consumes around 10,000 kWh per year. That means that this project will generate enough energy to power 410 homes per year​. 

Check out the video of the grand opening of the solar field!

 Solar Video


SolSmart in Kane County

In October 2017, Kane County was awarded Bronze-level designation under the 
SolSmart program. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative, SolSmart helps local governments reduce barriers to solar energy growth and make it easier for homes and businesses to go solar.


    SolSmart Bronze Award

Solar Goals for Kane County

Through previous planning efforts, Kane County has developed a solid framework of strategies and goals for supporting renewable energy: 

Kane County 2040 Energy Plan (adopted in June 2011) 
  • Strategy 3—Encourage on-site renewable energy for residential buildings 
  • Strategy 9—Encourage on-site renewable energy for commercial and industrial buildings 
  • Objective 2.9.2—To be a leader and role model in the use of renewable resources within Kane County and throughout the region 
  • Objective 2.9.5—To promote economic development and workforce trained in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry 
  • Objective 2.9.7—To facilitate the siting of smart grid technology and renewable energy infrastructure 

Kane County Operational Sustainability Plan (adopted in February 2013) 
  • Strategy F3—Consider purchase or installation of renewable energy for county facility energy use 
  • Action Item F3.1—Research feasibility of renewable energy project on County property 
  • Action Item F3.2—Conduct pilot renewable energy project on County property 

Resources for local governments: 

Solar Switch Chicagoland​

An educational and group purchasing program for residential and small business solar.

Solar Switch Chicagoland​ Program Surpasses Summar Goals, Will Install 80 Solar Arrays

In their first year of operation, Solar Switch Chicagoland's newly-installed solar arrays will offset emissions equivalent to approximately 550,000 pounds of coal burned. Collectively, customers will also save an estimated $79,000 in electric bills in the first year alone. Read our press release to learn more.​

Watch a short video here​ on how this program works. 
​Kane County is working with the Citizens Utility Board and the Midwest Renewable Energy Assocation​ to make going solar more affordable.​

Attend a Solar Power Hour to learn more!​​