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00-KC Financial Policies Table of Contents.pdf00-KC Financial Policies Table of Contents
01-Accounting Auditing and Financial Reporting Policies.pdf01-Accounting Auditing and Financial Reporting Policies
02-Capital Improvement Policies.pdf02-Capital Improvement Policies
03-Debt Management Policies.pdf03-Debt Management Policies
04-Departmental Purchasing Policies.pdf04-Departmental Purchasing Policies
05-Disbursement Policies.pdf05-Disbursement Policies
06-Disposal of computers and related equipment.pdf06-Disposal of computers and related equipment
07-Educational Assistance.pdf07-Educational Assistance
08-Grant Administration.pdf08-Grant Administration
09-Investment Policies.pdf09-Investment Policies
10-Liability and Risk Management Policies.pdf10-Liability and Risk Management Policies
11-Lump Sum Distribution Policy.pdf11-Lump Sum Distribution Policy
12-Mass Transit Sales Tax.pdf12-Mass Transit Sales Tax
13-Operating Budget Policies.pdf13-Operating Budget Policies
14-Petty Cash Accounts.pdf14-Petty Cash Accounts
15-Post Debt Issuance Compliance Policy.pdf15-Post Debt Issuance Compliance Policy
16-Procurement Card Policies.pdf16-Procurement Card Policies
17-Reserve Policies.pdf17-Reserve Policies
18-Revenue and Collection Policies.pdf18-Revenue and Collection Policies
19-Travel Policy.pdf19-Travel Policy