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​​​​Workforce Development Division

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The Workforce Development Division administers a comprehensive range of workforce development services, including employment and occupational skills training programs/services for job seekers, through partnerships with local businesses and training institutions to improve the quality of the local workforce and allow businesses to access skilled candidates in order to meet local needs.

To learn more about the business services we offer, please e-mail Mary Yapejian​, Business Services Manager, 630-762-2086. (Please note that some of the services listed below carry application requirements and are subject to review/approval either locally or by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. They are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and dependent on the availability of funding.)

Find and Hire Candidates

Free Job Posting service allows you to advertise your employment opportunities on our Job Board page​ and through various online resources and community-based partnerships. Click here​ for additional details and posting requirements.
No Cost Recruitment provides you access to a pool of motivated and skilled candidates representing a wide variety of skills and industry backgrounds, ranging from business professionals and managers to technical trades. Having candidates readily available for hire, we are able to quickly screen and refer qualified applicants saving you time and money in your recruitment efforts.

Free Recruitment Events can be organized, promoted and hosted free of charge on your behalf at our workNet Centers in Elgin and North Aurora to meet face-to-face with interested job seekers.


On the Job Training provides funding to offset your internal training costs when making a new hire. You design and implement the specific hands-on training; we supply a 50% wage reimbursement for up to the first 6 months of employment for eligible hires. Candidate recruitment and screening is also available to identify eligible candidates.

Manufacturing Careers Internship Program provides young adults ages 18-21 an opportunity to explore careers in manufacturing through a paid work experience and offers employers an opportunity to find and hire for entry-level positions. Employers can participate by hosting an intern for 6-8 weeks at no cost and with no commitment to hire.

Customized Training offers businesses (including a group of businesses) the ability to design new hire training to meet the special requirements/needs of the participating businesses; we supply funding to help offset 50% of the cost of training.

Incumbent Worker Training helps employers develop and implement training programs for current employees who need new or upgraded skills in order to retain employment. Based on the size of the company, up to 90% of the training costs can be reimbursed through the program.