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Used tires can pose a disposal challenge. Whole tires are banned from landfills in Illinois and also must not be incinerated. Dumping of tires can be a major problem because the dumped tires fill with water and create ​​perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Large collections of dumped tires also pose a fire risk. However, tires are a part of our everyday lives, and Kane County residents produce over half a million waste tires every year. So, what should you do with your waste tires?

  • Tire retailers are required by Illino​is Law​ to accept used tires for disposal in the same quantity as the number of new tires being sold. This is by far the easiest tire recycling option for most residents. Disposal fees apply (check with your local tire dealer for info).
  • Some tire shops accept waste tires from the public without requiring new tire purchase. Independent tire shops and local chains seem more likely to offer this service than large national franchises, so call your local small business first! Disposal fees will apply.​
  • Treadstone Tire Recycling in Joliet is available for drop-off or pick up of large quantities. Call 815-726-4644 for pricing info.
NOTE: Kane County does not endorse any particular tire retailer or recycler. The contacts above are intended for informational purposes only.

Interested in how recycled tires are used? This article describes several uses.​