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Electronics Rec​ycling for Businesses ​

Certain electronic devices are banned from landfills in Illinois under the Consumer Electronics Recycling Act. These devices are: computers (laptop and desktop), computer monitors (all technology types), ​computer keyboards & mice, ​​televisions (all technology types), ​fax machines, printers, scanners, VCRs, DVD players, portable digital music players, video game consoles, cable boxes, satellite receivers, digital converter boxes, and small scale (non-commercial) servers. Businesses that need to dispose of these items must either use a Kane County Recycling Center (see next paragraph) or procure service from another recycler.​​

Kane County contracts with eWorks Electronics Services*, a certified and registered responsible recycler, to collect electronics at our Recycling Centers​ and events.​ As an added service they allow for delivery of business electronics to the Recycling Centers in Kane County​.

large volumes, ongoing quantities, or specific documentation requirements, you may contact eWorks (217-364-7472) for a customized quote and service program options.​ For one-time drop offs, please see the guidelines below.​

Guidelines for Delivery to Recycling Centers:
  • Up to 2 pallets worth can be delivered without prior notice.  
  • Anything more than 2 pallets will require that you call to make an appointment (217-364-7472).
  • Identify yourself as a business (for tracking purposes) at the time of delivery (bring a business card or a tax ID #).
  • You will pay the same cost for TVs and Monitors as residents do: TVs and Monitors co st $25 (under 21" measured diagonally) or $35 (21" or over).  All other items are FREE to drop off. 
  • Businesses can pay with a credit card at the time of delivery.
  • If certificate of recycling, data destruction, or an audit report is required, please contact eWorks in advance of delivery (217-364-7472) to make arrangements for documentation.
  • See here for Recycling Center locations.

Businesses may con​tact any electronics recycling company for disposal of IT assets/electronics. The following listed companies provide service in this area. If you would like your company to be added to the list, please email recycle@kanecountyil.gov with basic information. It is recommended that businesses collect several quotes and inquire about third-party certifications help by each company. This listing is not an endorsement by Kane County Government.