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Waste & Recycling​ Service in Unincorporated Areas

Procurement of trash and recycling services at residential addresses in unincorporated Kane County where no township waste contract exists is the responsibility of either the homeowner or their tenant, depending on the language of the rental agreement. Currently, the townships listed below do not bid waste contracts, meaning that service to each address must be obtained independently. Home owners or authorized tenants may select any licensed hauler of their choosing. See a list of all licensed haulers here

  • Aurora Township
  • Batavia Township
  • Big Rock Township
  • Burlington Township
  • Dundee Township
  • Geneva Township
  • Hampshire Township
  • Kaneville Township
  • Rutland Township
  • St. Charles Township
  • Sugar Grove Township

All residences Kane County are required by ordinance to obtain recycling service in addition to trash removal.

It is strongly recommended that residents obtain multiple quotes for service since pricing can vary a lot. Residents should also read over contracts carefully. Things to examine include:

  • What is the duration of the contract?
  • Is pricing fixed during the duration of the contract, or is it variable?
    • If variable, is there a maximum annual increase​?
  • Under what conditions may the resident end the contract?
    • What are the penalties for ending the contract early?
  • What happens if the waste company is merged or bought during the term of the contract?

​​​Unincorporated Hauling Frequently Asked Questions

My rates are unreasonably high. What can I do?

Obtain a quote for service from a competing hauling company. If a substantially lower quote is given, either explore breaking your current waste contract and going with the other company or use the quote as leverage to negotiate a better rate with the current company.

​One or more hauling companies have refused to provide recycling service, but they will provide trash service. What can I do?

Haulers refusing to provide recycling service in a location where they do provide trash service are in violation of the County hauling ordinance. Please document this and report to recycle@kanecountyil.gov or call 630-208-3841.

I am the only address on my street that puts out a recycling bin. What can I do?

If you feel comfortable, you can gently inform their neighbors that they are required to recycle by ordinance (and show them this webpage). At the County, level, we have found that it is more efficient to work with haulers to address this issue. Please contact recycle@kanecountyil.gov or call 630-208-3841 and provide the names of the hauling companies that are providing trash service on your street but not recycling.

My hauler puts trash and recycling in the same truck at the same time. What can I do?

It is not uncommon or illegal for haulers to use the same truck on the same day to collect both trash and recycling. What should happen is that the truck will collect one material on its whole route, go to the transfer station and drop its load, and then return and collect the other material. The time between pick-ups will depend on the length of the route and the distance to the transfer station. If you believe that trash and recycling are going in the same truck at the same time so that trash and recycling are being mixed together, please take photos or videos of this occurrence, as it is illegal both at the County and State levels. Please contact recycle@kanecountyil.gov and attach any relevant documentation or call 630-208-3841. 

I'm sick of all the collection truck traffic in my neighborhood. What can I do?

Attend a township meeting and ask the township board to consider a referendum to pursue hauling under a franchise contract. Township road district supervisors are sometimes important players in this decision, since collection trucks cause a lot of wear and tear on the roads, so that may also be a good place to start the conversation.​​