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Construction or Demolition Debris 

What is Construction or Demolition Debris

There are two types of Construction or Demolition Debris (CDD) defined in Illinois Law. The first, called General Construction or Demolition Debris includes any of the ​following materials: ​​bricks, concrete and other masonry materials; soil; rock; wood, including non-hazardous painted, treated, and coated wood and wood products (i.e., no wood bearing lead paint); wall coverings; plaster; drywall; plumbing fixtures; non-asbestos insulation; roofing shingles and other roof coverings; reclaimed asphalt pavement; glass; plastics that are not sealed in a manner that conceals waste (i.e., no plastic drums containing liquid or other waste); electrical wiring and components containing no hazardous substances (i.e., no transformers or ballasts containing PCBs); and piping or metals incidental to any of those materials.


The second type of CCD is a subset of the first called Clean Construction or Demolition Debris, which can only include broken concrete without protruding metal bars, bricks, rock, stone, reclaimed asphalt pavement, and uncontaminated soil (meeting IEPA standards).​

Responsible Disposal

General CDD - The most environmentally friendly way to dispose of materials from construction, demolition, or remodeling is to take them to a permitted CDD recovery facility, or to rent a roll-off container from a company that hauls to one of these facilities (see local listings below). We recommend that residents and project contractors confirm that the hauler will take the CDD material to a CDD recovery facility, not to a regular MSW transfer or landfill, when the order for a roll-off is placed. Permitted facilities are required by law to make sure that at least 40% of the materials they take in are recycled.

Clean CDD ​- In addition to being accepted at CDD recovery facilities, there are a few more options for disposal of CCDD. It can be taken to Clean Fill operations, which are generally located at active or closed quarries, pits, mines, and other major excavations. See IEPA's webpage on CCDD standards and disposal here. ​

Local Facilities and Services​

The following businesses are known to provide CDD disposal services in and near Kane County. For haulers, we list hauling companies that specialize in CDD or that have otherwise reported high diversion of CDD from landfills. Please contact the companies directly for pricing and policies. Kane County does not endorse any particular business and provides this list for informational purposes only. To have a listing changed, removed or added, please contact recycle@countyofkane.org or (630) 208-3841.​

Aurora Recycling Center (ARC) (website​)
Services: Drop-off for GCDD, yard waste, tires, mattresses; roll-off and hauling consultation
​Drop-off address & hours: 213 Mettel Rd., Aurora, 60505; M-F, 6am-4pm, Sat. 7-11am
Contact: ​(847) 776-1500, arcscale@tazrecycling.com

Beverly Materials (website)
Services: Clean Fill operation drop-off for CCDD
Drop-off address & hours: 32W007 Rt. 72, East Dundee, IL 60118, M-F, 6am-3pm​
Contact: (847) 695-0422

Bluff City Materials, LLC (website)
Services: Clean Fill operation drop-off for CCDD only
Drop-off address & hours: Multiple locations in East Elgin/Bartlett; please call ahead
Contact: (630) 497-8700 x289, fill@reliablematerials.com

Creekside Compost (website)
Services: Clean Fill operation drop-off for CCDD and yard waste​
Drop-off address & hours: 2S785 S. Lorang Dr., Elburn, 60119; open seasonally - please contact for hours
Contact: (630) 896-8238​

Donegal Services (website​)​​
Services: Roll-off container rental & hauling​, specializing in CDD
Contact: (630) 321-8200, estimating@donegalexcavating.com

Falcon Green Resources (website)​
Services: Drop-offs for GCDD, asphalt roofing shingles, cardboard; shingle recycling; roll-off container rental
Drop-off address & hours, GCDD & cardboard: 2351 Powis Rd., West Chicago, 60185; M-F, 6am-3pm, Sat. 6am -10am​
Drop-off addresses & hours, asphalt shingles only: 
​Higgins and Commonwealth, East Dundee, ​60192; M-F, 6am-3pm

Contact: (815) 334-8689, emails@falcongreenresources.com

Flood Brothers (website​)​​
Services: Roll-off container rental
Contact: (630) 261-0400​, patrick.flood@floodbrothersdisposal.com

Heartland Recycling Services​ (website​)​​
Services: Clean Fill operation drop-off for CCDD only
​Drop-off address & hours: 213 Mettel Rd., Aurora, 60505; M-F, 7am-3pm, Sat. by appointment only
Contact: (630) 391-0022, mail@auroracleanfill.com

LRS (webs​ite​)​​
Services: Drop off for GCDD; roll-off container rental
​Drop-off address & hours: 1655 Powis Rd., West Chicago, 60185; M-F, 5am-5pm, Sat. 6am-12pm
Contact: (630) 377-7000, service@lrsrecycles.com

Midwest Materials Management ​(we​​bsite)
Services: Drop off for GCDD; roll-off container rental
​Drop-off address & hours: 370 S. Briar Hill Rd., Hampshire, 60140; M-F, 7am-4pm, Sat. 7am-12pm
Contact: (847) 426-6354

Molenhouse Enterprises​, Inc. (website​)​​
Services: Roll-off container rental, specializing in CDD
Contact: (630) 836-9100​

Ray Schrieber Disposal Co. ​(website​)
Services: Roll-off container rental, specializing in CDD
Contact: (847) 741-2684

Southwind RAS, LLC ​(website)
Services: Drop off for​ asphalt shingles only
​Drop-off address and hours: 1950 Vulcan Blvd., Bartlett, 60103; M-F, 7am-3pm
Contact: (630) 233-5700 x119

United Services (website)
Services: Roll-off container rental, specializing in CDD
Contact: (630) 8​82-8833​

​Waste Minimization via Deconstruction:

Deconstruction is a method of taking down buildings that places high priority on salvaging building materials in reusable condition. While debris from traditional demolition can be recycled, mat​erials are often damaged too much to be reused without significant reprocessing. Do you have a project that could benefit from deconstruction? Blue EarthRecyclean and Square One are companies serving the greater Chicago-area ​that specialize in planning and implementing this process. Both use of salvaged materials and diversion of a high percentage of debris to reuse and recycling earn credits towards LEED green building certification.

If you have salvage material from a building or deconstruction project in good condition to donate, please see our Building Material Re-use page.