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Kane County Online Payment​ Options​​

​Property Tax Inquiry and Payment (wEdge)

​Search property records for tax information and pay your property taxes online. View your property tax bill, assessment, rate, levy, exemption, and billing information.

Court Filing and Payments (eFileIL)​​​

eFileIL for filing civil court cases online.
The Illinois Supreme Court has selected eFileIL (Tyler Technologies) to be the Electronic Filing Manager (EFM) for the State.

Traffic School, Tickets, and Fines

Pay for traffic school registration, tickets, and fines.

Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates

Pay for marriage, birth and death certificates online. 

Health Department Permit and Fee Payments (Paymentus)

​Pay permits and fees online for: Food, Sewage, Water Well, Non-Community Well, Mortgage Survey, Ceremonial Fire, and Radon Test Kits
Questions? Contact: healthcc@co.kane.il.us

Community Department Permit and Fee Payments (Paymentus)

​​Pay permits and fees onlin​e for: Development and Water Resources Permits, Applications, and Fees; Wetland Review Specialist, Engineer Review Specialist, Hauler License, Subdivision Fees, Liquor Licenses.
Questions? See below.​​

For questions on Community Resources fees and payments, contact:
Development Department: devcc@co.kane.il.us
Water Resources: WollnikJodie@KaneCountyIL.gov
Subdivisions: OrlikDeanne@KaneCountyIL.gov​​
Liquor Licenses: liquorcc@co.kane.il.us

Transportation Department Permit and Fee Payments (Paymentus)

​Pay permits and fees onlin​e. for: Impact Fees, Moving Permits, Access Permits, Utility Permits, Bid Fees, Engineer Fees, township Administration Fees, Water Draw Permit, and Miscellaneous Other Fees
Questions? Contact: kdotcc@co.kane.il.us​​​

Contact Information

​Kane County Treasurer

Chris Lauzen, CPA,​ MBA
Phone: 630.232.3565

​Kane County Clerk

​​John Cun​ningham
Phone: 630.232.5990

​​Kane County Circuit Clerk​​

Theresa Barreiro
Phone:​ 630.232.3413

Supervisor of Assessment

​Mark Armstrong
Phone: 630.232.3818

Kane County Transportation

Carl Schoedel
Phone: 630.584.1170

Kane County Health Department

Michael Isaacson
Phone: 630.208.3801

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