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Financial Budget

The Kane County Board has approved a budget of $394,364,644 for Fiscal Year (FY) 2024. 

To view the entire FY2024 budget and supporting documents, click here.

FY2024 Budget Highlights

General Fund –

  • FY2024 Total Appropriation - $122,418,212


Special Funds –

  • FY2024 Total Appropriation - $271,946,432


The FY2024 Kane County budget invests in services that enhance the quality of life for Kane County residents such as public safety, capital improvements, transportation, health services, voter registration and elections, Veterans Assistance, farmland protection and economic development.  

Kane County government represents only 4% of a property owner's overall tax bill.  The largest portion of tax bills goes to school districts; the remaining portion go to other local governments in the County (see chart).  Each local government sets their own tax levy and Kane County government has no authority over other local government's property tax levies.

FY2024 Budget Graphs

The budget was approved by the Kane County Board on November 21, 2023.  A video of the meeting can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.

Taxpayers also can visit Kane County Open Finance Dashboard for a variety of financial information including links to additional information on the webpages of the County Auditor, the County Treasurer and the Finance Department and a link to provide a unique insight into your property taxes. At the top of the page are direct links to financial documents such as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. It can be found at https://kanecounty.finance.socrata.com/#!/dashboard.

Kane County is committed to:  Being an innovative and strategic leader in providing essential and effective public services in a fiscally prudent manner;  Being good stewards of the natural and economic resources that make up our unique urban and rural communities; Adapting to, and providing, governmental services to a growing and diverse population; Promoting and environment that advocates health, welfare and safety; Encouraging and valuing citizen communication, input, and involvement in governing so that residents are proud to call Kane County "home".