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Kane County Development and Community Services Department

Development and Community Services​

Planning and Special Projects

This division prepares and updates the County's 2040 Land Resource Management Plan and coordinates the Planning Partnership Program with the municipalities and with regional, state and federal agencies in their planning programs.

To maintain the County's 2040 Plan, the division prepares detailed inventories of the county's environmental, social and economic resources and analyzes trends in order to anticipate future changes.  Planning and development goals prepared by the Kane County Regional Planning Commission for public review are used to develop the plan.  The plan provides the citizens of Kane County with a guide for future land use in both verbal and graphic form.  The County Board, through the Zoning and Subdivision ordinances, has sole authority for implementing the plan.

This division also provides staff support to the Kane County Economic Committee.  The Committee is responsible for promoting Kane County's economic development, including working with local chambers, tourism groups, the agricultural industry, and administering the small cities program.


Kane County 2040 Plan Brochure
Kane County 2040 Plan
Quality of Kane
Kane County 2040 Green Infrastructure Plan
Kane County 2040 Green Infrastructure Map
Kane County 2040 Energy Plan