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October 29, 2014
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Can you Help us Locate Tree Inventories?
Inventories will advance efforts to map and preserve oak woodlands

Oak trees once dominated the forests of the Chicago region, providing invaluable
benefits to ecosystems, watersheds, air quality and overall environmental and human health. Oak woodland data show a decline in oak populations over the last 75 years and oaks are having a difficult time regenerating due to urban development and competition from more shade tolerant plants. Although the number of oak trees has declined, there are still beautiful oak stands found throughout Kane County--as illustrated in the Kane County Remnant Oak Woodlands Map.

Kane County is currently working with Chicago Wilderness and the Morton Arboretum to collect data that will inform a detailed tree inventory and we need your help in locating local tree inventories within Kane County. The inventories may have been done by municipal foresters, public works departments, township highway departments or interested organizations. If you can locate any local or regional tree inventories which examined public, private or natural areas for tree species, size or age distribution, please contact Kane County Executive Planner, Karen Miller with the information, preferably by Wednesday, November 12th. These inventories will add detail to the work that has already been done by the U.S. Forest Service in the completed Urban Trees & Forests of the Chicago Region report.

If you are aware of any completed local tree inventories, or have any questions or comments regarding the effort, please contact Karen Ann Miller.
Rural Community Development Project Grant
The USDA is offering grants to advance community development in rural communities

The USDA has announced the availability of approximately $6 million in competitive grant funds for its Rural Community Development Initiative. This initiative offers grants up to $250,000 which will help communities reach their community development goals related to housing, community facilities or community and economic development in rural areas.

For more information on this opportunity, click here.
Apply Now for Assistance from an APA Community Planning Assistance Team
Teams of certified planners will help communities address planning issues through direct community engagement

The APA is accepting applications for assistance through the Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) Program. Community Planning Assistance Teams will be created from the APA's diverse stock of AICP certified members and they will travel across the country to assist communities in local planning efforts. The team members will be recruited based on their expertise on specific project topics. The community workshops will be held over three to five days and will involve multiple community engagement strategies and discussions with residents and stakeholders. Based on community feedback, the team will produce findings and recommendations. The APA team will then issue a final report incorporating all community input, team analysis and next steps.

View the APA Community Planning Assistance Team flyer here! View the application materials here

ifscHelp Your Businesses Get the Recognition they Deserve
Food scrap recycling decal can promote eco-friendly business in your community

The concept of composting is not new, but it has been recently gaining momentum as more and more grocery stores, institutions and restaurants have been diverting their food scraps from landfills and providing their organic materials to compost facilities for recycling.

An exciting new program now gives composting businesses the recognition they deserve for their efforts. The Illinois Food Scrap Coalition has launched the We Compost Program, which provides a window decal that highlights composting efforts and can promote eco-friendly businesses.

Please use your channels of communication to alert your businesses of this great opportunity. Simply send this link to the businesses that may be interested. 

Questions or comments, contact Jennifer Jarland - Kane County Recycling Coordinator.
Kane County Planning Cooperative
Brett Hanlon, Land Use Planner - (630) 232-3491 - hanlonbrett@co.kane.il.us or kcplancoop@co.kane.il.us

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